Friday, March 11, 2011

Reacting in a small town..

I was down at the local coffee shop early this morning where the talk was entirely on the earthquake in Japan and the aftermath that will follow. Tsunamis, stock markets, health risks from the nuclear power plants. We, in the Midwest, send our thoughts and reactions to everyone involved.

One of my best friends, Mari Williams, is from Japan. Her family still lives there. There are several students at Trine that also are unable to connect to their family and friends for who knows how long?

What we can do, we will. In the meantime, compassion is all we have to offer.


Anonymous said...

Could you please blog more often.

Anonymous said...

I 'm new to blog-how often do you post?

Lou Ann Homan said...

Dear Anonymous, could you all be one in the same?? I am shamed for my 'non blogging' portrayal of an every day blogger. Sometimes life just gets in the way. Thank you for gentle reminders, even if you are possibly the same person! Lou Ann

Anonymous said...

Dear Sherlock-I left a comment because whenever I went to your blog there was never anything recent-thought maybe you gave it up.Guess you could use some of my surplus time. Thanks for reply-I'll check back again.