Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Garrison Keillor

(I lifted this photo, he did not have a podium!)

Last night Garrison Keillor performed at the Embassy in Fort Wayne. Kathy and I bought tickets months ago and we (along with several hundred folks from the Midwest) were not disappointed.

The stage was set with a single stool and microphone. There was no introduction. There was no intermission. There was not even a bottle of water on the stage. Just Garrison with his red shoes.

For two hours he shared stories from his beloved Lake Woebegone. The audience, made up with older folks, loved each moment of the show.

Thanks to the Lutheran Foundation for bringing him to Fort Wayne!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lou Ann

It's "A Small World After All"!

... the first time I heard Garrison Keillor on the radio- by chance-I thought I had discovered something made for my own taste with the Music I love, the humor I love, something so true,so real, so funny , tender and romantic ... I was driving somewhere was a blessing for me to hear through the air "AMERICA" the way I love America -authentic - how I love American people ... I wish we had his counterpart in France.
I wrote to him , he didn't answer ! bummer !
I bought his 30th Prairie Home Companion Anniversary DVD ... loved it !
... all the people I genuinely like very much apprecicate his shows too ... you are one of those !
with love, micky