Thursday, May 19, 2016

RiverRoots LineUp 2016

I love music and folk festivals, and the season has just begun. Ellen and I are off to southern Indiana to Madison on the river for this spectacular festival. The weather is going to be perfect for the weekend and my old Jeep is packed up with everything I need for a great weekend. I have my ukulele, of course, for all the jamming sessions. I will check in now and then especially with the moonlight on the river for the full moon on Saturday night. As for you, my friends, go outside and play!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Visiting Lou Ann's Airbnb...

"Another lovely stay! LouAnn is such a fantastic host. This was a return visit for us having also stayed back in November. She even went above and beyond to save an extra copy of the local paper for us since it contained information about Trine University's Commencement exercises, which was the purpose of our visit. And my husband felt right at home since he was able to read the paper and drink his coffee in his sweatpants. We highly recommend The House at White Picket Fences for your next Angola stay!"

Last summer's morning glories on my fence.

 Send all you friends my way for a terrific stay this summer. I do have two weeks blocked off as the little granddaughters are coming for a visit, but other than for business.

I have a five star review with all my guests. The one at the top is the most recent. The folks came for the Trine graduation.

Lou Ann

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May I have this dance?

Two nights ago I was outside at my son's house. We were looking at the garden in the deep heavy dusk with the light of the moon. The children were running around in the moonlight and he and Rachel were asking about all the plants in the new gardens in their new house.

Their yard is big with lots and lots of perennials. I knew most of them and gave advice (in a nice motherly way) about what were weeds and what were plants. 

They have one entire bed of Moon Flowers of which I am so envious. I think that was why they bought the house, and Aaron really can't stop bragging about the Moon Flowers. 

Jonah was so excited, "I know, I know...they only bloom in the moonlight."

Sometimes life is so hard and so tough that I think the only time left to bloom is indeed in the moonlight with the day behind us and the darkness prevailing.

I looked up, directly at the moon, and there was Jupiter dancing away with the moon. We all just sat in wonder starring and watching. It was the most enchanting night. Later, as they all went inside to make milkshakes before bedtime, I biked on home by the light of the moon and her partner, Jupiter.

I couldn't help but think how fickle that man in the moon is...later he will be dancing with mars and Venus, well the list goes on and yet Jupiter and Mars and Saturn and Venus all move on and continue their brightness. And, yes, I was crying by the time I got home.

I closed the garden gate and poured a glass of wine, built a late night campfire and sat outside alone in my garden just thinking. Those are hard moments. Those are important moments.

I was singing before long...and here you of the songs I was singing.

And for all you lovely ladies out there...pour the wine, build a campfire, and sing a song. Love to all.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hurry over, folks! There’s a Rumplestiltskin show today!

Hurry over, folks! There’s a Rumplestiltskin show today!: It happens once a year. I open my curtains and see the big red truck pulling into my driveway. Two young folks jump out and come up to my doorstep. The front door is open before they have a chance to ring the bell or even look around at their surroundings.

I really don't know what happened to this page and the photo, but just click on the above site, and thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Meet the Artist!

If you missed the premiere of T.C. Steele, you can get caught up with this
 interview with the Daily Journal. Just click on the title...Meet the Artist.
The next show is June 4th at 12:00 at the T.C. Steele cabin. Here is the 
information! I would love to see you there! There will be a reception following
 and you can spend your day exploring the lovely grounds.

12:00 pm
T.C. Steele State Historic Site
4220 T C Steele Rd
Nashville, IN 47448
$7/Adults, $5/Seniors, $2/Children 3 - 12
Cate Whetzel

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Where do stories go when they are finished?

Where do stories go when they are finished?: Stories come and go in my life as they do yours. We live them, we tell them, we dream them, we think about them.

Mama robin in her nest on my back porch! Shhh....

Here is the link to this week's column. As always, I thank you for reading. Just click on the above link and you will find the story! 

I have been watching a sweet little sparrow make her next on my white picket fence!