Friday, March 11, 2011

Just realizing...

I just realized that I left for China a year ago today. Kimberly and I left with the folks from Global Indiana from Indianapolis on this morning. We flew to Washington D.C. and then on to Tokyo. We had a two hour break in the airport at Tokyo and then on the Beijhing. The rest is, of course, history.

Have been thinking about this all day as the news pours in over the wires.

My friend Mari has been trying to locate her family all day. Disconnected world and lives, and yet connected in so many ways.


Anonymous said...

We all have in common the essential , the profound is universal ... even as far away as Japan is , we are connected and in shock ... Aiko is a young Japonese friend of mine who lives in Kobe ... thanks to Facebook , I have talked to her this morning and do not know what to say for her people there, her country ... for those here who do not know about their loved ones there... I am concerned too Lou Ann.
Praying is the only way to be supportive for now .
with love

Anonymous said...

Could you please blog a little more often?