Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hands Across the Sand

Saturday, June 26 was "Hands Across the Sand," a national movement saying no to off shore drilling and yes to clean energy, and Ocracoke Island was my official beach.

Actually (and I quote from their website)..."It is not about politics, it is about protection of our coastal economics, oceans, marine wildlife, and fishing industry."

I understand there were 800 chapters participating on Saturday as well.

We began meeting at 11:00 at the beach signing petitions and sending personal notes on seashells to Governor Bev Perdue of North Carolina. Folks kept coming to join us as the hour progressed. The Ocracoke Island sign was pulled out of retirement (used 25 years ago in a similar situation) and was the center of our group. At 12:00 we held hands for 15 minutes on the beach. Some sang...others prayed...others stood quietly as the water lapped up onto our barefoot...protecting the pure clean water of Ocracoke Island.

The photos are from that morning. A special thanks to Kitty Mitchell for all her work!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mom's week in Ocracoke

My beautiful mom!

So, we left Texas.

The first day was long, as is any day traveling to Ocracoke. (For you new readers Ocracoke is off the coast of North Carolina, south of Cape Hatteras.)

It was a full day of travel...plane, car and then ferry. It was dark when we loaded onto the ferry just a minute or so before it pushed out to sea. It was a beautiful windy night crossing.

A few more miles, and we were home to the cottage by the sea. Philip was waiting on the porch playing his harmonica. The sound of the music floated up and was caught in the cedar trees and the dancing wisps of late night clouds.

A glass of wine and a few stories and we were soon fast asleep letting the sounds of the island become our cradle.

The week was eventful as Philip's brother was married on the back porch with 20 folks in attendance. The bride was barefoot and we all drank lemonade and ate cupcakes. I think it was the perfect way to have a wedding and the cost was probably under $100.00 including the license!

My friend Kathy and a friend of hers joined us for the week as well. We hiked to Springer's point, walked on the beach, attended performances at the Deep Water Theatre, watch the moon rise on the beach, had supper at the Jolly Roger letting the music of Molasses Creek join with the lifting of the beer glasses.

My mom was at home in every situation taking over as wedding planner, tour guide, and counselor. How does she do it.

It was a wonderful journey for the two of us. I will post a few photos as the week goes on, but this one is my favorite. It shows the joy of my mother.

Thanks for waiting for a post, Internet is difficult here!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

The week in review...

The week has passed in a whirlwind as I packed up my life in Indiana and headed for Texas to be with my mom.

The lists were long every day as I would wake up and add a few more chores. I could never get as much done as possible as friends and neighbors continued to pop in for various reasons.

By 2:00 a.m. on Friday I knew I had it all done and headed to Fort Wayne. Jessie took me to the airport (lifted and carried my bag as well!) and off I went into the heart of Texas.

I found the heat to be quite extreme coming from the lush gardens and sweetness of cool northern Indiana, but continued to walk at night as I always do!

Mom and I have had (and are continuing to have) a wonderful weekend. Some of the time we sorted through dad's things in his library, other times we went out for margaritas and movies!

We have spent the afternoon packing up again as the two of us are going to Ocracoke tomorrow morning. She will be staying a week and there are so many events planned! I know she will have a great time, as will I.

I will post pictures all summer of Ocracoke activities.

So, for now, we made it through Father's Day and we are off for a girlfriend trip to my favorite place.

The above picture was taken at the Whistle Stop Tea Room in Tomball, Texas.

From left to right: me, my niece Kenna, my sister Leslie (Kenna's mom), and my mom. We had a great time visiting, and well, drinking tea! (Iced tea for the summer, by the way.)

Until Ocracoke, happy Solstice.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Taking a stroll around town...

On Sunday afternoon I was on my way to a graduation party when I noticed a string of Model T Fords on West Maumee (the Main street) of my home town. Always having my camera with me, I quickly parked and went to get my photo.

This is JoAnn and Larry from Youngstown, Pennsylvania. They were with a group called VMCCA (Veteran Motor Car Club of America) and would be staying in our county for the week.

They had been shopping in Angola and having coffee while spreading their coffers into the community, of which we are grateful!

This particular car is a 1913 Ford Model T. We welcome them to town!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pickin' and Preservin'

My neighbor opened up her strawberry patch to me yesterday. I think she already 'picked the patch clean' a few times and was tired of strawberries! I brought friends over and we all got to work. (My P.T. gave me the OK!) Within a short time we all had strawberries to take home for supper. I served mine with ice cream and drizzled chocolate syrup last night. I save plenty back for a beautiful batch of strawberry jam. The house smelled heavenly and when I was finished eight lovely ruby-jeweled jars were set to pop. As I cleaned up the kitchen I listened for each one to at a time. When my boys were little, they used to sit around the kitchen table just listening for the sound which meant jam or pickles or kraut or peaches all winter long!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wagon Train Grave

Peg picked me up yesterday for a day long field trip to our neighboring town of Orland, Indiana. Peg Dilbone is our county historian and we became friends a few years ago. She often confesses that she wishes she had a cot in the library. If I ever need Peg, I just walk down to the library and there she is.
She has been telling me about the wagon train grave ever since I met her, so yesterday was the day to visit. We traveled the rural roads into Orland, turning and twisting here and there following the lush landscape on this June day.

Finally we were there, and it was as amazing as I knew it would be. The grave had been mowed and a bouquet of plastic tulips had been placed on the grave. There is controversy about the story, but no one exists to ask so we can only go by research (of which there is none), family records and folklore.
The story is that the child died on the trail and was buried by the road, probably so the family could come back and find the child. The grave stone was replaced in early 1900 giving the child the name of the nearby farm owners. Here is how it reads:

Fowler Elias
Son of
Albert and Lovina
Died July 29, 1848
Age 1 year 2 months
22 days

I took some photographs and then we moved on to the Underground Railroad which was prominent in Orland in the 1840's and 50's. It was a wonderful day...full of history, friendship, and reverence.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Girls Pot Luck

It was a beautiful June evening as the Monday night pot luck ladies and I sat out under the old maple tree sharing dinner and stories.

I started this pot luck tradition a couple of years ago and am always delighted as to who shows up and what do they bring! Often new women approach the back door a little timidly until they are brought into the ring of friendship.

We laugh, drink wine, tell stories, share secrets and just enjoy each other's company. Last night was no exception although my neighbor and friend, Lee, was racing the clock to finish up a project in the kitchen. It was one of those disastrous projects that ended up back where we started, and now I am wondering if I should just leave well enough alone!

We sat outside as the sky grew dark and I had to haul out jackets and sweatshirts for the group. I love this June weather, so cool and lovely. As always, the evening came to an end and we all bid each other adieu as we won't meet again until September. Lots of stories will pass by then.

I closed up the house, added an extra quilt to the bed and slept into until the morning light.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Back to a little gardening and magical herbs...

I love gardening, everyone knows that. It has been difficult to not just bend down in the scented gardens pulling weeds, planting new herbs...just quietly working in the sweet shade of day.

However, my Dr. said a little light gardening would be acceptable. I realize it is very minimal, but I understand the consequences should I jump right into the work, so it has become quiet, gentle work for me. Sometimes I just direct others for the work.

I have set up a small potting area for my work! I also thought I would occasional share herbal lore with you. I decided everyone loves lavender in their gardens, so let's start there!

Lavender is a masculine plant ruled by the planet Mercury. The properties of lavender bring love, protection, sleep, chastity, peace and happiness.

It has long been used in love spells and sachets for dressers. During the Renaissance area it was used by women, along with rosemary, to preserve chastity!

So, whatever your wishes, plant lavender in your garden for love, for chastity, for sleep, or just for beauty.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Under the Maple tree....

My grandmother's quilt

Years ago I inherited quilts from my grandmother and my great-grandmother. They were tucked away in a trunk and had never been used. There were also lovely pillowcases with lavender and pale green French knots. I was told that my great-grandmother made these quilts with very poor vision.

I love and cherish these quilts, and I do use them. They are folded and tucked away at the end of the beds in this old house. Today I hung one out to just blow out the cobwebs and it looked so lovely under the Maple tree that I took a photo...for times gone by.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Maybe too much CNN

I know that we are immersed in this situation every moment. A friend of mine is even re-writing a John Prine song that I will print when he has it ready, but I cannot stop thinking about this problem. Someone put an end to this madness! If you have not seen the two articles below, then take a look at them now.

Oil from gulf could reach N.C. before July - Nation -

Oil from gulf could reach N.C. before July - Nation -

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Memorial Weekend in my Small Town...

Kathy and I with the King of Bluegrass, Greg Cahill

I know Memorial Day is a big event for everyone...parades, cookouts, services to name a few. I, however, wanted to show you how we celebrated the week end in my small town. The days were filled with lemonade stands, garage sales, a bluegrass festival, gardening, and, of course, a service on our town's center mound.

Jonah planting his sunflower seeds.  Avrie and Matthew selling lemonade!

The Mound