Friday, June 04, 2010

Maybe too much CNN

I know that we are immersed in this situation every moment. A friend of mine is even re-writing a John Prine song that I will print when he has it ready, but I cannot stop thinking about this problem. Someone put an end to this madness! If you have not seen the two articles below, then take a look at them now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lou Ann, this is just to say I am faithful to your blog yet so much goes on for me at this time. Imagine two French kids ( am one of them! my daughter Virginie is the other one) biking in Washington DC during Memorial Day , among a crowd from all over the United States and plenty of music ( roaring motor bikes, flags and helicopters ) my heart has become American! I am awfully sorry for how our planet and Oceans are treated ...Thanks again for your photos and all you say about your little town , Micky

Maggiemae said...

I friend of mine is a Harley rider and he went with the folks on the bikes. He said the day was absolutely wonderful and so moving.
He could not even speak when he got the to Vietnam War Memorial.
Sounds like your day was fun and touching as well.