Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Girls Pot Luck

It was a beautiful June evening as the Monday night pot luck ladies and I sat out under the old maple tree sharing dinner and stories.

I started this pot luck tradition a couple of years ago and am always delighted as to who shows up and what do they bring! Often new women approach the back door a little timidly until they are brought into the ring of friendship.

We laugh, drink wine, tell stories, share secrets and just enjoy each other's company. Last night was no exception although my neighbor and friend, Lee, was racing the clock to finish up a project in the kitchen. It was one of those disastrous projects that ended up back where we started, and now I am wondering if I should just leave well enough alone!

We sat outside as the sky grew dark and I had to haul out jackets and sweatshirts for the group. I love this June weather, so cool and lovely. As always, the evening came to an end and we all bid each other adieu as we won't meet again until September. Lots of stories will pass by then.

I closed up the house, added an extra quilt to the bed and slept into until the morning light.


micky said...

lou Ann, you are so faithful to always write and be there for us (readers -friends ) Thanks again, sorry to be catching up only a few days after ... all in one gulp, to lavender !am truly delighted to read about its "masculin-ity " and vertues ..I love lavender, am from Provence... I make little bags -your comments will be copied in my diary ! the beauty of your photo is touching my heart and your girls pot luck sounds like our Bible study here which I enjoy so much...I'll close my computer tonight after watching baby Fowler Elias grave , am glad you had a good day trip there , thanks for sharing ... I also love gardening and can't help giving my US Virginian garden a Mediterranean look! micky

Maggiemae said...

Thanks for your comments, as always. Your garden must be beautiful with your Mediterranean twist!