Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I woke up this morning with gray fog covering the outside of my windows. It looked as if someone had painted the world with an airbrush. I tried wiping off the fog and or rubbing my eyes (it was early), but alas only time would change the atmosphere.

From a balmy 60 yesterday with torrential rain and wind, today is cold and leaves fill every cavity of the earth in this part of the country.

Perfect for ghost stories! Last night I took this photo at the Fremont Public Library. I was situated at the fireplace surrounded by pumpkins and orange lights. If the kids were scared, I can tell you I was!!

Tonight is my last Halloween show. I will be sharing the stage with good friend and colleague, Steve Etheridge. The performance will be our annual ghost stories at Pokagon State Park; kids show at 6:30, adults at 8:00. We will be performing in the old pavilion with pumpkins and again another huge roaring fire. Steve and I have shared this stage for, oh say...20 years!

Dress warmly tonight and don't look behind you!!

A happy, happy birthday to my Mom...lucky her with a birthday on Halloween!!

Lou Ann


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