Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year and small changes...

Dear Friends,
The past two months have become a blur for me...starting with the huge Houston celebration for my parent's 80th birthday parties and ending with the death of my dad on December 26.

Emotions have flown high and every time I get ready to start a blog, my mind has felt cluttered and yet empty of words. So within this promise of a new year, I bring many thoughts and ideas and resolutions to the table.

One is to write daily on my blog, even if no one but myself reads is the process of writing.
Other a daily crossword puzzle (OK, my friend Bill has influenced me on that one!). of course the obvious, pilates etc. three times a week.

I had thought of become a vegetarian, but then again, I will fail on that one, but I do want to become less of a meat consumer and that I can do, easily.

There are other resolutions within myself, but for now, I will just keep them to myself.

As for the blog title change, I decided that I want to focus on the small town life of America, where I find myself most of the time anyway...enjoying it, preserving it, and living in it. I hope you enjoy the small changes that this will bring.

Happy New Year to all who read. Don't forget to say Rabbit when you go visiting!


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you are back. Also so sorry for your loss. Losing parents is a very sorrowful thing.
What about rabbit when you go visiting? I have heard that if before speaking on the first day of the month one jumps over the corner of the bed and says "rabbit rabbit rabbit" a present will be forthcoming. ??? Happy New Year
Sarah in Gastonia

Bill said...

How'd you do with today's crossword?

Anonymous said...

I was so sorry LouAnn to read of the death of your father. I lost my mother suddenly in 2004 and still deal with the pain daily.

May your memories of him bring you comfort, and peace.