Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swirling Autumn Leaves...

Everything swirls for me in October..spell bowl in the early rehearsals after school and storytelling in most of the time in between.

We had a great book club this month in which I brought the author, Katherine Howe, into our lives through Skype. We all loved the book, The Physick of Deliverance Dane, a perfect book for the Halloween season.

My columns and photos are appearing regularly in the paper, Jonah and Matthew come and tumble in the leaves, Adam and Aaron just returned home from 3 weeks in the Idaho mountains.

Swirling leaves with a canopy of stories fill my days including reading The Raven by Poe to all my classes at school, including Kindergarten. They can't wait every day to hear the story of the great black bird.

My house is decked out for the Halloween season with lights and all kinds of things that glow in the dark. Life is good, sweet and full of chocolate at this point.

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