Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Then and Now...Enjoy!

Last year's ukulele camp!!

Today is the first day of ukulele camp. I love ukulele camp. We play from morning til night, and this year is a tribute to the 60’s. Ah, yes, my kind of music. At 4:00 this afternoon there is a mall concert and an hour long of playing the Beatles. I have waited for ukulele camp for a full year because I love it so much. I have the best hippie clothes and earrings! 

But, I am not there. With everything packed and neatly stacked by the front door, Carolyn called. You know the discussion. We decided not to go. 

My disappointment is just one of hundreds, of thousands across this world of ours. And as I sit writing, cancelations of events keep tumbling in across the Internet lines. One by one each event falls, much like a game of dominos. I am trying to wrap my head around this just like you. Each event is not just a cancelation or postponement, but a change in our lives. Our work, our travel, our joy, our sorrows are all put to the test right now. 

I am as sad as you are, and for now, it is hard to keep my tears from spilling across my laptop as I write. I don’t know how to adjust to all of this so I am not going to try and be a politician or a medical specialist or as someone in charge.
No, I am just like you with a house to run, bills to pay, a community to support. What do we do now? I don’t know, really. 

One step at a time for most of us, right? By now we have all probably filled our shelves with the basics: Clorox, Nyquil, Tylenol, and toilet paper. (Really, what is that all about? Ha!) I actually have made those purchases. They are in a basket on the shelf. I did not get in any groceries, no, the cupboard is completely bare. (Traveling for two weeks and then ukulele camp!) I guess that is next on the agenda. Fill the shelves with a couple weeks of food is a good idea.

Okay, we have food and supplies. What’s next? I guess I would say we need to feed our soul in these times, and that might be more difficult. I have been thinking about this all week. How do we, as a society of movers and shakers, survive this free fall? The first thing is to keep our minds active. Thinking about all of this, all of the time, is not healthy. Turn off the news. Pick up a book…a lovely book. The libraries are all still open. Pop on in and get books. Hey while you are there, get some for the kids! I have a stack of books just waiting to be read so now is the time! Getting lost in a book is such a delicious way to live!!

When you are not reading, the next best thing it to head outside. We are so lucky it is springtime and not January. Open your windows to let the fresh air come in to wash away the winter dust, and then go outside. I have packets of early seeds such as spinach and kale that are just waiting to be planted. With shovel in hand, I will be planting. Dirt is good for the soul. And a note to my neighbors, I will be raking up the Autumn leaves. (They really are enriching to the soil!) When the weather warms up, I will get back to fence painting. No, really, I am. 

Take a spin around the block on your bike. Take a walk in your neighborhood. Send those kiddos outside to play. They must get outside to refresh their little brains too. It is spring in northern Indiana, and we are so grateful.

Now to the most important task ahead of us: let us take care of one another…our families, our neighbors, our communities. Be on call for special deliveries or a cheery wave out the window. Sit out on the stoop and watch the stars come out, or get up early and listen to the birds. They keep singing, and soon the peepers!
We can all get through this together. Our world is a little different right now, but it is still our world. Take the time to be quiet and listen. 

As for me, I will play my ukulele on the porch each evening. 

Above all, wash your hands!

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