Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's the weather like in your town?

There is nothing as silent as snow.

The storm started yesterday morning as a crashing, storm of ice. The wind was so strong that as I walked on campus I saw several umbrellas turned inside out. By mid-afternoon, it was clear that freezing rain would give way to snow.

The trees became heavy and the town I live in came to a halt! The snow which started slowly has turned the sifter on. Silent snow upon a silent town.

The photos were taken by my grandson Matthew. He is 11 years old and is already in love with photography. He got up early this morning to shovel and take photos while waiting for school to be canceled! It was!

Monday, February 18, 2013

And the Oscar goes to.....

Virginia and I are at the Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne for Lights, Camera...Oscars
Presented by the Fort Wayne Philharmonic.

Jonah is standing in front of the Embassy as well for the Black and White
film series, A Trip to the Moon and The General. The wonderful organ at the Embassy
was featured for these silent films!

This photo was taken at the Arts United Performing Center after the stellar
production of "Oliver." This was a collaboration between the theatre
at IPFW and Fort Wayne's Youth Theatre.

Following the production of "Oliver" we had ice cream at Atz's in Fort Wayne. This
is a long standing tradition. When I was young my dad always took us
to Atz's after theatre performances. I love that the tradition continues.
Johah is here with Ben who played one of the orphans as well as a
pick pocket in the production.

Ally and Ruben performed for the supper crowd on Friday night at Mulligan's. We filled the place with fans of the young couple! I love
to support these young people. As you can tell, I am at the front table.

It seems as if the weekend was absolutely packed with the arts! Fort Wayne has a large art's community with theatre and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. The entire weekend was a bustle of activity as you can see from the above photos. I loved introducing Virginia and Thomas to the Embassy and the boys to Oliver. We actually read Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens to prepare for the show.
So here is a glimpse into my weekend, how was yours?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Down Memory Lane

Click here for this week's column!

Here is the link to this week's column, down memory lane. I hope you enjoy it. It is about my oldest son Adam.

Here is a photo of my three son from left to right, Aaron, Abe, and Adam. (Aaron and Adam are twins!) This photo was taken in my garden last summer.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day...

Happy Valentine's Day

Dear Readers,
Happy Valentine's Day! This photo was taken when I was in college. (Cameras were a little blurry then, I guess!) I received a bouquet of flowers from someone although the card was missing. I searched all over for the card and even called the florist. Hmmmm...they said it was a secret.
At the time I was dating a couple of young men, and I wasn't sure what to do. I called the first one just to chat, he said nothing of the flowers. wasn't him.
I called the second young man who immediately said, "Did you get the flowers?"
"Oh, indeed I did, and thank you for them."
So on this day we celebrate love and lovers. Hopefully you are with yours and are living happily ever after. (I am referring to this week's column, be sure you read it on this day as well!)
I started the day with Elizabeth Barrett Browning as my breakfast read, how can you not on Valentine's Day?
Enjoy this day with your sweetheart...simply count the ways.
Lou Ann
P.S. I don't look much like a hippie in this photo, I have a Baptist upbringing! However, by the second year I had the long hair, gogo boots and was singing "Where Have all the Flowers Gone" in coffee houses.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Water cooler conversations...

Dear Friends,

So, a little water cooler chatting this morning! There is not a loss of conversation is there?

State of the Union Speech
Christopher Dorner
The Pope
I spent last evening at one of our local restaurants, Timbers, to hear the State of the Union Speech with fellow Democrats. Believe it or not, there are a handful of us in Northern Indiana. We cheered, joked, drank beer and felt very American while sitting at the bar. (One of my fellow friends paid for everything, that is so American as well!)
Coming home late I chatted with Virginia on Christpher Dorner and who could forget the Pope?
I have decided not to give anything up for Lent. Well, I am not Catholic, and I just can't think of anything to give up. Chocolate? Wine? Beer? Facebook (OMG, I could not do that!) So I will just live my life and watch others drool over my double dutch chocolate cake when they come for tea.
My water cooler conversation at school is unique in itself as we discuss art, domes (from churches), writing, poetry, and other artsy topics as we drink black coffee and head off to class at the last moment.
Water cooler conversations. What was yours this morning?
Lou Ann

Monday, February 11, 2013

Art From Our Upstairs Window...

The view from my classroom window.

The other day I went to class early to get set up. We had snow during the night, but the roads were clear. By the time I was upstairs in my classroom darkness hovered over the town as if nightfall were coming early. It was just another quick storm passing through.
I had my camera with me so I took this photo from my classroom window. I didn't think much of the photo until I downloaded it later. It caught me by surprise how stunningly beautiful my town is in the winter. Quiet. As you can see no one is out, children are in school, folks are working or staying inside writing letters or watching reruns of "Matlock." Surreal.
How do we choose a town, a village, a city, an island to live in? Or does it choose us? Do our roots tangle up with others in our hometowns or do we make our hometowns by pushing down those roots to feel at home?
As the students came to class I was still standing at the window just watching. Most came to window to see what I was out the window. "What are you looking at?" they asked as they peered through the glass. I said to them, "Everything, I am looking at everything."
They nodded or shook their heads as they took their seats.
What do we see from the upstairs window?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wrong link

Dear Friends,

I think I had the wrong link for my 'Happily Ever After,' please don't miss this column!!

Lou Ann

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Happily Ever After...

Click here please for this week's column, I changed the link!!

Dear Friends,

I hope you enjoy this column, I had a great time writing it. And, is it true that we can live happily ever after?

I would love to know your opinions!!

Have fun reading.

Lou Ann

Friday, February 08, 2013

A belated tribute to Robert Burns!

One of the requirements for my English classes was to prepare a piece of poetry to read at the Robert Burns celebration.

The students made and put posters up all over the campus, chose their poetry and did their rehearsal.

I invited my friend and artist, Mark Gropp, to bring his pipes and share his music with the students as well. Mark had a flat tire on the way to our Burns Supper (held at my house before the show), and I had visions of him changing the tire in the snow in his kilt! Luckily someone else changed the tire for him.

The evening was fun. The students were very professional. One of the students emceed the show and each in turn shared their poetry on the stage.

Their choices ran from Burns to Pasternak to Dickens to Noyes. I loved every piece.

Mark played tunes between the pieces ending with Amazing Grace.

It was a great evening and one I won't forget. Thank you students for spending a nice snowy evening bringing poetry alive!

I took this photo of the Trine campus a few hours before the show.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Roundtable of Women

These flowers were from my friend Malinda who was at the roundtable.

The snow falls, but in a small town such as mine, friends still cometo potlucks. My old house is known for them as friends and family know my doors are open, tea waits in a pot, and a warm bed is always available.

The first Monday night of every month I host a potluck for women only. I have been hosting this event for several years and there is a wonderful core group of women who show up each month. These are women that I usually only see on potluck night. We share each other's stories no matter what they are.

This month I decided I needed a conversation with them to prepare for the IndyFringe Diva Fest in March.

I called it our Roundtable, even though my table is rectangle. The food was delicious as always, and most was vegetarian.

I opened bottles of wine and begin. "So," I said, "let's start at the beginning, when did you first learn about sex?" Laughter prevailed around the table and the stories flew as quickly as the pouring of the wine. The answers were fun...behind a tree, at girlscout camp... We moved through the cycles of a woman's life during those dark evening hours. It took a long time to get to now. Now existed at my table of single women, divorced, and married.

Where are we now? And what is happily ever after? Answers were varied, as you can imagine....finding the right guy...the right woman...friendship...until finally the women at my roundtable decided that happily ever after depends upon ourselves.

A really big topic for a cold winter's night in my small town.

The candles burned low as the women gathered up empty dishes to carry home. Cars were scraped of the new snow as the evening ended.

I had to return to the studio in the late night hours to reflect, make some notes and finish up the wine!

I love a really good night!

Monday, February 04, 2013

Winter art out my window...

The view from my front window on this snowy February morning.

Monday morning and the snow falls. My world is a salt shaker or a slow sifting mound of confectionary sugar today. This is what the northern folks wait for, well some of us anyway. These cold snowy mornings where the world is quiet and we just wait.
If it were days of old we would hibernate with the harvest stashed away, the wood cut, the candles made. For me these days are mixed with Tasha Tudor, Donald Hall, and poems from Norbert Krapf. Norbert was our Indiana poet laureate. He has a new book "Songs in Sepia and Black and White." This is a collaboration with photographs by Richard Fields. I have an autographed copy of his book and well as his words of encouragement to keep writing. This book is available through Indiana University Press.
Here is a sample of his work, enjoy.
A Blank Piece of Paper
Between dark hills
somewhere in this land
a boy sits at a table
next to a dim light.
He stares at a blank piece of paper,
holding a pen
filled with enough ink
to tell a good story.
What the boy can't yet
tell is where he began
and where he will end....
Norbert Krapf

I have also paired this with a musical selection from Albinoni. Don't worry I chose a short piece. Take a moment from your busy day to let art, music, and poetry fill your soul.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Groundhog Day and Hoosier Herb!

Dear Friends,

Here we are celebrating Groundhog Day amidst the beauty of winter in the Midwest.

This week's column is a fun read on the origins of Groundhog Day, my travels to a friendly yurt and how to celebrate this day.

I also have a video from my adventure with Hoosier Herb! He is my own personal groundhog, so enjoy today's blog.

As always, thanks for reading and watching!

Lou Ann

Click right here for the link to this week's column!

I know the video doesn't look like much, but remember we are waiting for Hoosier Herb to appear.

Hoosier Herb

Don't go away, I am just waiting for Hoosier Herb to see if winter will be six more weeks or spring will come early. It is still a little dark and snowy here, but soon I will put on the boots and go on out to check. Don't worry, I will take my video camera! Can't wait to see what will happen! Thanks for being patient!