Friday, August 17, 2012

Out and about on Harker's Island...

Philip and I took a little side trip today (on our way to the airport) and took a visit to Harker's Island.

I have never visited this little Island and it was a wonderful adventure. It is a small Island with pristine houses and gardens. We stopped at a park to take a far away look at Cape Lookout Lighthouse and decided we should visit there sometime soon as well!

On our way out we passed a beautiful old shrimp boat. Philip pulled over for me, and with camera in hand, I got to talking to Captain Oliver Lewis. He is a shrimp captain and was talking about the season.

I think this was my first time to meet a shrimp captain and I was delighted he took the time to talk with me.

Whereas he would not let me video him, he was fine with a photo. If anyone out there knows Captain Oliver Lewis, give him a 'hey' from me!

As for the traveling to the airport...more on that later!


Vicki from TX said...

Coming from the Port Lavaca TX area where there is a harbor full of working shrimp boats, such fascination with just such a boat is remarkable! I live in the Austin area now. I came across this blog yesterday after a Google search for ocracoke and Nights in Rodanthe.

Lou Ann Homan said...

Hi Vicki!
Thanks for the note, isn't it amazing how blogs can pull us together through all kind of stories and images. I know several of the folks in the movie (not Richard Gere!) I spend several weeks a year in Ocracoke. This summer I decided to do a video blog as well. It was lots of fun. I travel a lot, enjoy life and sharing all kinds of art, photos, poems, etc. as we dialogue through life. Lou Ann