Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back home again in Indiana....

This week's column arriving back home again in Indiana..

Hi Folks,

Here I am back home again with many thoughts, images and blogs that are far overdue.

Enjoy the story!!

Lou Ann


Anonymous said...

do the vast majority of people in small towns do they really like living there? Why has Walmart reshaped the downtown of small towns is it really affordable to live in a small town the housing boom when farm land was sold off to "developers" now the houses are underwater.. how many underwater houses are a result of refinancing to the tune of an inflated appraisal I wonder - what is wrong with the economy in small towns how big are small towns really are small towns near larger metro areas because this is where the employment sector exists. What about the post offices of small towns if all the small town people were not ditching letter writing to communicate - the small town histories and record of their existence will be a thing of the past . small town enclaves of substandard housing decaying deferred maintainence crack(ed) houses and the like this country needs a wake up call -- scan this icon for an upload of something to waste your time will small town make a comeback will living simply to simply live be the new mantra will the excess of the past ebb and the tide of low slow quiet weeks lull some to a new awakening

Lou Ann Homan said...

Our town has a residence of about 7,000. We work hard to preserve the beauty and history of the town. It is important. We do not want to stop progress, but we also are very keen with preservation. I hope most folks like the small towns for our living experience. I am a positive person, perhaps if I lived in Boston, I would like about living in a big city with the same issues preservation.