Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First attempts with the video camera...

For a long time now I have been wanting to use videos on my blog. I bought a small Kodak camera for this purpose. I am so surprised it actually worked, although the video is poor in color, construction, etc.

Thank you for being patient. This does not show the beauty of my gardens, I have much to learn, but I am going to enjoy this process.


Woodduck said...

Thnnks for sharing. That video worked nicely! Got some rain we could share, today; on the edge of the world.
Nice inside though, with a sweet potato in the oven and memories of a trout I released this morning; in my mind.
(hunkering down)

Lou Ann Homan said...

I loved that I at least have figured it out. Now I need to get the beauty that I missed by improper filming. Always so much to learn. Yes, hunkering down to rain sounds really delightful, enjoy!