Monday, August 15, 2011

Hear the lonely call of the train whistle...going home.

Julie and I at the train station. I thought it would be fun to
smoke so my friend Jude, from Ocracoke, gave me
candy cigarettes. Don't we look like girls of the 30's?

Clock tower in Fredricksburg, Maryland, from my train window.

I love this photo outside the train station in Washington, D.C.
You can buy a newspaper from anywhere in the world here.

This is inside the train station in Washington, D.C.
The dome is painted with gold.

I believe this to be an old station in Pennsylvania. Also taken from my
window. It is so lonely and desolate, what stories it could tell!

This is a photo in the dining car. I love how the sun slants
on the table.

Here is the column from the trip, enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

How beautiful Lou Ann ...I loved your photos ...really out of time... I only wish you had stopped to honor me with a hello at my sweet place in Charlottesville! am so close to Washington DC when I am on this side of the Ocean ...also have the train whistle in the far and love it ! hey you rode up North then ? tell me ... since I need meet my kids (from Montréal) near the border with Canada ... I really need to TALK to you very soon dear ... much love Micky

Anonymous said...

Lou Ann, I believe the photo of the clock tower is in Richmond, Va at Main Street Station, rather than Fredericksburg, MD,?? or perhaps you meant Fredericksburg, VA.? Looking out through the train car window, locations can run together easily..... :) None the less, great photos and blog!!!!

Lou Ann Homan-Saylor said...

Yes, I believe you are right. I think it is in Richmond. I took hundreds of pictures without writing them down as we went!! Thanks for pointing this out, you must know the area!! Lou Ann

Anonymous said...

You do look very hip French..... Hope you did smoke all your candy at one time. Glad your trip was good. Pics are great. No moss under those feet. Jude

Anonymous said...

I've never been on a train trip...until now!