Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Farewell to Ocracoke...

Yesterday I took my last early morning walk on the beach.
These photos were all taken before the sun rose .
This is a photo of the sea oats in the dawn.

When I was taking this photo of the beach there was no one, nothing
on any side of me. It was completely void of human life or human
misgivings. I am always in awe, but on this morning I was

Some child must have left this on the beach the night before.
It was all alone, tipped as it appears. I couldn't resist
to capture this innocence of child's play.

This sand castle was still intact from the flowing of the
tide. My walk was at low tide yesterday something I
watch carefully here...the tides, the moon phases,
the joy of life.

I leave this afternoon and will board a train in Newport
News tomorrow taking me back to the Midwest where
work calls me home.

Until then, farewell to my beloved Island and a thank you
to Philip for making the summer enchanting as always.


Anonymous said...

Ocracoke will miss you - you bring such a spark and a love for life. Safe travels, good luck with the Fringe, and hurry back. Jude of the Cereus

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip. I will look forward to your dispatches from small town Indiana

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking photos, Lou Ann.....I could almost breathe the salt air and hear the ocean surf.

Once Ocracoke gets in one's blood, it's tough to leave. One wants to protect and watch over "her".

You'll be back before you know it as I've read you will return to Ocracoke in late December and will stay for a longer spell.

Ocracoke is always in my heart and I find myself watching the web-cams nearly everyday, just to get a glimpse of life on such a charming and precious spot on this earth.

It's tough to leave because Ocracoke holds such a grasp on those who truly appreciate the simple joys and breathtaking beauty this little island offers to anyone who will accept these gifts.