Sunday, August 29, 2010

Farmer's Markets

Dear Folks,
I love my local farmer's market! (Photos to follow when laptop comes home from the repair shop!)

I decided to write this week's column about my local market and some reflections on the Barr Street Market in Fort Wayne. I have had some lovely comments on folks who remember that market as well.

As a bit of interest, yesterday when I shopped I came home with a beautiful bouquet of gladiolas...just as it should be. 

Enjoy this week's column!! 

This week's column on Farmer's Markets!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lou Ann, what makes me smile reading you how do you find the time to live all that and to WTRITE it down so beautifully too ! this is a serious question! like you I love both : live and write ,but they each consumes me so much !I love the depth of all you say ... know it is simple and true ... your words are breathing ... it is why I am smiling , which is good ! thanks !