Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogging for Philip

Philip hurt his back and has been in bed for a couple of days, therefore, I have taken over his blog. Yesterday I copied it on to mine, today you get to find it yourself. It is a great blog with photos from my early morning walk to Springer's Point. Thanks for letting me re-direct. (Opry tonight with stories to prepare!)


Anonymous said...

Amazing how we may travel to awesome little places we could as well completely ignore ...and meet the people there in time ...It's five O'clock somewhere ...I opened the window on Ocracoke Island Journal within your own window( blog) -- wish Philip a fast and complete recovery, and want to say : alleluia , congrats! for your annual women's Opry, how much fun (and healing )that must have been among so many ladies ... You make me sigh of appreciation and delight with your company under the full moon and the bright stars at night and your morning sunrise at the beach ... someone who is (humbly) part of this awesome universal divine earthly creation ! Micky with love

Anonymous said...

Was he trying to keep up with the grand kids?

Forever Aozora, the Trilogy said...

nice to meet a writer-blogger.
I am looking forward to translate my story into English. I speak Indonesian.