Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photos from International Chinese New Year!

Photos tell the whole story!

Picking up corn and almonds with the chopsticks. I lost!

Everything and everyone was red including all the tigers taped on
windows and doors. The Year of the Tiger!

The honored guest, Mengting, receiving her golden coins
at Midnight!

Kathy and Philip just enjoying the great evening!

Deborah McHenry and Mengting enjoying the International Food!
It was a wonderful evening with a house full of friends from the neighborhood and from Trine University. The food was a potluck collection of dishes from around the world and the games were from China and Argentina. At midnight we went outside withour sparklers and released a beautiful biodegradable hot air balloon. It soared with tree tops and late night dancing snowflakes. Welcome the Year of the Tiger!


Anonymous said...

Hmm What is that on the wall? are you/your guests making drawings and notations on the walls?? The haile Historic homestead 's claim to fame is the interior's Talking walls google the site Haile Historic homestead.

Maggiemae said...

Yes! I have an entire welcome wall...all the way up the staircase. I started it when I moved in instead of a guest book. Over the past few years, I have hosted weddings, parties, solstice events, holidays, new babies, book club, theatre show closings....the list goes on and on. It is colorful and original and a nice history lesson!!