Friday, February 12, 2010

Evening Snow Storm

The Soldier's Monument
Still walking at night with camera in hand, I had to stop for a short time to photograph the Soldier's Monument in my home town. This is our Civil War monument with all of the names of the men who served from Steuben County. Steuben County had more men serve than any other county in Indiana, when based on percentage of population.
I felt the essence of this winter night, along with the beauty of this monument was the perfect combination for this photo. My editor, Mike, loved it so much he ran it on the front page of the Herald yesterday.
As for today, getting ready for International Chinese night at my house. Everyone welcome. Bring a passing dish (from your homeland or really anything and wear red!)
We welcome in the Year of the Tiger.


Anonymous said...

You say bring a passing dish from your homeland Lou Ann...O...bummer I won't get there soon enough! am cooking it though... French yet cooking a Paella (Spain) and a Choucroute ( Alsace) I smile at your red ( and white ) evening there, versus a family at large gathering here to celebrate love and gratitude over the week end .
Likewise I love photos, food and cooking , writing... and all which is International . Anonymous? me ? I appreciate your blog ,if you are curious peep at me at
You last photo is truly perfect , elevating , with fullness and so pretty. Have a great warm Chinese night ,with love,m

Polly said...

The photo is awesome! I can see why it found a place on the front page of the Herald.
I also love small towns, grew up in one, raised my kids in the country. I am grateful they had ditches to fish in, dusty blackberries to pick and woods to explore. Sadly not every child is fortunate enough to have the pleasure of those experiences.