Friday, September 18, 2009

Three Cups of Tea

Wednesday evening was cool as Autumn is in the air here in Northern Indiana. Colleen picked me up and we meandered out into the country to pick up Luanne for our 'third Wednesday night of every month book club.' I had to get out of the car to take a tour of her gardens. They were spectacular with mums as large as bushel baskets and the scent of graying herbs.

We continued our drive to Auburn where Susan hosted book club. Susan is my shining star. She purchased her house on her own and has become independent and strong. I am immediately drawn to her landscaping in her backyard which was once just rocks and brown dirt It has been transformed into a small park area with trees and flowers. I am so impressed by her artistic skills.

I go back in to our round table discussion Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson. I actually read the book during my first two weeks of recovery after my broken arm. I could not put it down! The book is amazing, well Greg Mortenson is amazing. I was humbled by his goodness, his dedication in building schools in Pakistan after a failed attempt to climb K2. His focus is educating women, because as we all know, that will educate a village.

The talk turned to Hamilton High School graduate, Justin Ralston, who is starting on the same small scale in building libraries in Uganda. He has taken it upon himself to collect books and send them to small villages where there are no books. His story is also that of unselfishness and dedication. I am proud to know him and am anxious to donate books and money as well.

The dinner was that of stuffed chicken, roasted potatoes, herbal vegetables and chocolate cake to top off the evening.

Too soon we chose next month's book and bid farewell. I am always impressed by the scope of our book club...loving each other's gardens and cooking as we dig deeper into the world for knowledge and opportunities.

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