Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Johnny Appelseed Festival

The Fall Festivals are all underway...signs, posters everywhere. It is a great time of year in the Midwest to celebrate the harvest, the beauty of Autumn and families just spending time together. Here are just a few snapshots from storytelling at the festival last week end. Jonah did ham it up a bit!!

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Anonymous said...

I am lost here. The stage is crowded with adorable children are they in a play? Are these children representing the trees in an Apple Orchard?? I have read that as a business man Mr. Chapman would charge 6 cents for an apple seedling or he would give them away or barter if the family was poor. It appears to me it was a way to minister to the populations in the wilderness of the American frontier. It would be nice if more people knew of the work of this Folk Hero. It does make sense to charge something for the apple trees as it is human nature to take better care of something if you have spent your hard earned money on it.