Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thinking over the bumper sticker??

Folks who know me, or at least watch me drive all over town, know my Jeep well. It is the one covered in bumper stickers that really do tell who I am. They range from politics to the arts and every spectrum in between.

One of my favorites is Malwart, the place for cheap plastic crap. I do not go to Walmart, not in any way, at least not until yesterday.

My daughter in law. Karen, works for Flagstar Bank which is located in Walmart in Angola. She needed just one more account to open to meet her quota. I said that I was wanting a business account anyway, so Jonah and I went to Walmart. (I parked in the very back of the parking lot.)

The folks at Flagstar were courteous, friendly and gave Jonah a pocketful of dumdums.

Account opened. Time to leave, but I needed a few things. So, I could just get one or two things, I mean I was already there anyway.

Jonah hopped into a cart and scratched his already skinned up knee along the way. It wasn't really bleeding or anything, just looked a little red, you know.

We made it back to the yogurt section, where I was delighted they carried the Greek yogurt. when a young male employee asked if we wanted a free sample of another kind of yogurt.
Jonah and I were happy to taste when he noticed Jonah's skinned knee. He immediately went to the back (somewhere?) and brought back a band aid with ointment on it for Jonah. He even put it on his knee. I really was amazed. He walked back to checkout with us saying how lucky I was because he and his wife could not have children. We talked a bit longer, I thanked him again, paid for my yogurt and walked to the back parking lot.

Ok, I really can't be a Walmart shopper, but the folks there are just plain nice.

Lou Ann

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