Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Small Towns


With the kids all nestled back to their home in Charleston, it is time to open up my home and my yard to travelers and bicyclists from all around the country and other countries as well! I think sometimes we need to be tourists in our own towns so we can actually see all the beauty and all that our towns and communities have to offer. Visitors are amazed at our beauty, at our strength of small-town values, and our lovely downtown. I supply guests with bikes, with stories and I make sure they feel welcome in our community.

As you know, I am a small-town girl. I love traveling for storytelling, but the truth is, I love coming home. I love making the swing around Miss Columbia and then turning onto West Street. I feel the same about this old house as I visit each room with joy each and every day! To this end, my blog (built over 20 years ago!) is titled, Stories from a Small Town.

You can only imagine my delight when I found out about the film, “Small Towns: A Special Look at the Communities of Northeast Indiana.” The premiere was in Kendallville, but our local showing was at Cahoots Coffee Café last week. The audience was small in number, yet the room was full of much appreciation and joy. The film-maker, 25-year-old Daniel Adamson was on hand to answer questions and accept our accolades. His brother, Tom, is known to most of us, and he did the music for the film. It was absolutely delightful. I knew that I would enjoy the film, but I had no idea I was in for such a treat! Okay, yes, I cried during the film. I was absolutely overtaken with the beauty and the stories he chose to highlight. The best part is that this is just episode one with many more to come. If you miss it, you are in luck as you can view this on YouTube; just put in the title and it will come right up! Our own Elten Powers is a star on this video as are several folks from other small towns in northern Indiana! So, pop some corn and sit back and enjoy the film!

Since we are chatting about small towns, how about some other lovely events and news from our towns? I was able to participate in Pleasant Lake Days on Saturday. My ukulele group was able to help fill in for an ill performer. We played with Ken Sharpenberg and his wife, Judy, and had a ball. Between sets we ate burgers supplied by the Pleasant Lake Lions Club. After our gig, we toured the Pleasant Lake Depot. The news from the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society was so lovely last week. How is it northern Indiana is the recipient of such gracious and exciting news? When I stepped into the depot on Saturday, it was as if I could hear the sound of the coming train and the footsteps of passengers sporting top hats and parasols as they waited for the train. I really think I could smell the grain as it was stored on the top floor waiting to be funneled into train cars for delivery. The building is old, but stable and beautiful, and full of once-upon-a-time graffiti inside. We are blessed! Stay tuned for tickets and information!

I always have to smile a bit when folks ask, “What is there to do here?” Oh my. Everything. Shopping. Movies. Coffee Shops. Friendly folks everywhere. What else, you ask? Friday night hosts Hubie in the park as part of our Angola Parks and Recreation. Those folks totally rock over there! (Yes, that would be you and your staff, Tabitha!) Concessions begin at 6:00 and the show at 7:00. You know I will be there!

Thursday evening, August 24th, Trine Fest will be held in the downtown. This is the second annual event sponsored by the city and Trine. Come on downtown and visit with friends and neighbors! Saturday, August 26th finds folks participating in the Historical Treasure Hunt sponsored by the Steuben County Historical Society! Bring the kids and learn more about our beautiful town as you scavenger around our area looking for treasures! The event starts at 1:00 with pre-registration!

I love sharing all of these events with guests, with you, with friends. All I can say is be part of this beautiful community as we share in the love of Small Towns.

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