Monday, March 20, 2023

Happy Spring!


First flower of spring in my garden!

Today at precisely at 5:24, the Earth balanced and spring arrived. I think she arrived quite regally with a day of sunshine and garden crocuses that are on the very brink of blooming. I did have one bloom a couple of weeks ago…a tiny little flower which was, to me, a harbinger of spring.

Where did the winter go? It was quite an easy one with a few snowfalls, a bit of cold weather, and an abundance of gray clouds. The ice fishermen had just one week to drag buckets and tents out to our lakes and collect a few fish for a Friday night fish fry. I know Aaron looks forward to ice fishing more than anyone I know. Even as a kid he could sit outside down on our frozen pond for hours…fish or no fish. Some years the ice is so clear for skating as well as for fishing, but it all fell a bit short this year. I am sure many of you feel winter was just long enough. For me, though, I didn’t finish all my winter, indoor projects. Well, I guess, there is always next winter!

This past weekend was another music and story filled weekend starting with open mic at the new 6 on James. I was anxious to see the new location for 6 Autumns. For the past several years, I have loved listening to folk music and attending the jams. Last month Carolyn and I signed up with our friend, Ken, and played and sang with our ukes. (Is this our new band, I ask?) We were going to sign up last Thursday, but we became a little intimidated with the new space and surroundings. Ah, maybe next month we will be braver and actually take the ukes out of the car!

Friday night was Herman’s Hermits at the T. Furth Center for the Performing Arts. It was a great concert. I attended with my friend, Jan, and I think we stood and sang the entire time. Yes, we knew all the songs! I have such a new fondness for the Furth Center. Oh, I have always loved it, but now that I spend four nights a week there in rehearsal, I feel a special kindred spirit for the place.

On Saturday, once again, Carolyn and I climbed into my Jeep, Lola, and set off in search of more music and stories. (Can one really ever get enough?) We stopped at the Pizza Hut south of Fort Wayne to join the Fort Wayne Ukulele Club. Long tables were put together to seat over 25 players from all over the region. It was great meeting new folks, playing new songs and letting the joy of music just wash over us. “We will be back,” we called out to our new friends as we loaded the Jeep back up and headed to Indianapolis.

My friend, Patrick Ball, was on the last leg of his tour with his magnificent harp. Patrick lives in Ireland, in County Clare to be exact. During his performance at the History Center sponsored by Storytelling Arts of Indiana, we were mesmerized by his Celtic stories and his pure command of the harp. It was an exquisite evening with just enough energy left to enjoy a late-night salon dinner party at Ellen’s with Patrick and other Indy friends telling stories late into the night.

By Sunday morning Carolyn and I packed to come home, and Patrick packed to go back to Ireland. I was so happy to introduce her to Patrick. I knew she would love his music and stories.

This week finds the rehearsal sign back of both doors. (Do not be offended if you drop by this week and see the signs. Of course, if you need in, come on in, but please tiptoe!)

I am putting the final touches on my Indiana Landmarks and Storytelling Arts show for next Sunday. If you are inclined, I am performing this on Sunday at 3:00 at the Indiana Landmarks building in Indianapolis. This piece is on the Eagles Theatre in Wabash who just received the Cook Cup. I have loved this research…I always do. If you decide to come down, let me know, and I will save a ticket for you!

After my own rehearsal every day, I am back at the Furth with the students for our Hitchcock shows which opens March 30.

As I said, it is a week of music and stories…perfect for the rites of spring!

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