Monday, December 26, 2022

Happy Boxing Day


If you weren’t visited by three ghosts, then I think it is safe to say you made it through another Christmas. I do think I was visited by the ghost of Christmas past in my dream on Christmas Eve. I am going to owe this visit to my ornery grandsons, Graham and Jonah, who let me talk about the mysteries of this old house and the creepy skeleton key which hangs upstairs on a nail…never to be touched. I do believe they have all touched it and waited for a ghost to appear. Alas, alas. No ghost.

Aside of being visited by the ghost of Christmas past, all is well in this old house. No broken pipes. No caved in roofs. I do have a few cute little outside pillows that have completely disappeared. If anyone in town finds them, please return! This so-called blizzard did wreck havoc with many plans, I know. It was (I really shouldn’t say this) a bit disappointing in the snow amounts, but the wind reports were spot on! It was Friday night during the worst of the wind that the family came for an old-fashioned Christmas party which led to the ghosts which led to the dream.

We had English poppers and supper and lit the tree letting the candlelight fill all the dark spaces. It was a magical evening, and always my favorite. I always wish my others sons and their families could join us, but distance and time keeps them all in their own towns.

Christmas Eve was brutal with the cold and wind, but my friends, Jan and Carole, managed to make their way to this old house stamping off the snow and bringing Christmas cheer. I made my special Gluhwein which I learned to make in Prague and is now my official winter drink. And, yes, I made it from scratch although Aldi’s has a nice substitute. (Let me know if you want the recipe!)  The three of us sat at the table sharing stories of raising our own children knowing they now have their own lives and celebrate Christmas Eve in their own homes. I love passing on the traditions to my family and know it is their turn to blend their traditions and raise their families.

Christmas Day morning is quiet for me. With Caleo coffee in hand, I open gifts from Carolyn and Elten who always make sure there is something under the tree for me on Christmas morning. I have learned over the years to come to peace with this and now embrace the solitude. Back into the kitchen I go to make food for the day with Aaron and Rachel and Rachel’s family. Gavin is a bit of a jokester, and my Christmas gift was hilarious. Thank you, Gavin.

Moving on with the Christmas spirit, several friends and I visited dear friends on Boxing Day taking them small tokens. We spilled into the house trekking in snow and the cold, but cheerful greetings took us into the house. Stephen and Kathy Rowe moved to this lovely old historic house in Auburn two years ago and have made it home. Across the street is the library, and who doesn’t want to live next door to the library? We leave with more stories than we started with and, after lunch at Mad Anthony’s, we head to Fort Wayne to see a magnificent display of lights by my nephew. It is a winter wonderland which definitely takes my breath away. This display will be up for some time so if you want the address, let me know, and I will send it to you!

Today is the third day of Christmas. The first day of Christmas is actually on Christmas day. It ends on Epiphany, the day the Magi reached the Christ Child.  I do love celebrating the 12 days. I always leave my tree up until the Twelfth Night of Christmas, January 6. Even then, I am so sad to finally take it down.

Christmas Day is officially over. Returns have been made. Movies have been watched. Stories have been told. Yet, the dark days of winter still surround us. I do say, make the most of them. It is a great time for dinner parties, and late-night campfires. It is also the time to learn the new hobby, read your stack of books, and always, my friend, to share the Christmas spirit.

The New Year soon approaches. Let’s make the most of it!

Happy New Year!

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