Sunday, February 05, 2017

PBS Interview...

Here is the link to my PBS interview. My interview begins about 12 minutes into the piece. Thank you for watching!

I want to send a special thank you to Ft. Wayne PBS, Channel 39 for putting this all together. I had a great time!

Lou Ann


Bob MacKinnon said...

Thanks for sharing your story. I came late to telling stories, but I love the moments where the audience(for me that means only one or two people) begins to realize the universality of behavior. I talk about family and friends and their eccentricities, only to see the listeners nod with recognition of shared experiences.

If you will permit a brief aside here. My mother is a Howard from Ocracoke. So many interesting characters there.

Keep up the good work.

Lou Ann Homan said...

Bob, where do you live? Yes, interesting about a Howard from Ocracoke. I know them all well!! My favorite line in the interview is that the teller dances with the audience, and we do!!

Micky said...

Thank you Lou Ann, I adored listening to you , watching you , knowing you better...

I could imagine you giving a "Story Telling " class at John Campbell Folkschool , in Murphy North Carolina ... A campus in most beautiful nature and I would not miss it!!

I would like to tell Bible stories, we personally relate to them ... our personal stories are in the Bible characters .

Thank you so much dear friend !

I would be so glad that you accept my invitation , where ever I am ! here in France or in Virginia , when I am there...
Keep well, you are a treasure !

Thank you.

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