Sunday, January 22, 2017

Yesterday was just amazing!!

Yesterday will love long in my memory! The folks in my small town were amazing...yes, amazing, lifting their voices in chants, in songs, in friendships.

After a wonderful rally on the square we headed to Ft. Wayne to participate in the rally on the court house lawn. The weather was really flawless for January. 

It is hard to describe the energy that surrounded all of us. It was absolutely electric. Thank you to everyone who participated, cheered us on, and made hats for us.

I have many photos from the day, but I will share just a few with you...

I just have to say I couldn't sleep one wink last night...

Here I am with my BFF, Kathy. Our friend, Malinda, made our wonderful hats
 out of old sweaters.!!  

Just a birds eye view of the Ft. Wayne march.

One of my favorite signs held by a lovely young ladt on her first march!!

Until tomorrow...

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