Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tonight's rising of the Wolf Moon..

The Wolf Moon compliments of Earth and Sky

Tonight is the rising of the Wolf Moon. It was named the Wolf Moon by the Native Americans in northern and eastern United States. By this time in the winter, food supplies were scarce and the wolves would often circle these villages and howl during the night. I must say that I would find it difficult to sleep if there was howling around my old house!

It has also been know as the Old Moon or Moon After Yule. This January full moon will appear to be the smallest in size to the viewing audience.

If you live in my area, tomorrow evening, January 16, you can join me and others at Wing Haven Nature Preserve for a celebration of this full moon and a hike down to Little Gentian Lake. The event sponsored by Acres Land Trust,  begins at 7 and will conclude by 9. Please dress warmly as the temperatures will be in the single digits by tomorrow evening.

No matter where you are please enjoy the Wolf Moon this evening.

Until tomorrow.

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