Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I wake in the night to the rain. It is loud, steady and with a few rumbles of thunder.

My curtains are thin and I pull them back to see the beads of water on my doors leading out to the balcony. These raindrop are illuminated with my Christmas lights which still drape over the balcony. I really should take them down, but my neighbor says they are cheery in these dark days of Winter.

These are the days that keep poets and writers inside libraries and studios. These are the days to finish books or clean out the spice cupboard...but then again we must pull away to do our daily tasks to make the world a better place.

With that in mind, I will bike off to school (yes, I will bike to school) and give my writing students a bit of knowledge, and a great deal of passion as we study Burns, build blogs, and look inside ourselves. "Excuse me, class, please turn off all cell phones and chat with your neighbor."

My Haiku for a rainy day

brocaded raindrops
erases winter's facade
leaving stark, bare mud

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