Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Out and about at Trine University

Hi Folks,

This has been a very exciting fall for me as I took a part time job at Trine University. I think I always wanted to teach there and actually applied a couple of years ago.  Last summer I received a call asking if I was interested. I must admit that I definitely was curious.

I teach part time, or better known in colleges, as an adjunct professor.

I am enjoying my classes and enjoy the students very much. It has been challenging, and very interesting.

My schedule is well done so that I have time to write, create, and travel for my storytelling and writing schedule. It is only three blocks away so I can bike to work. I am very active in lots of the activities as well. It is nice to live so close to this job, that is a first for me.

So, let's just have a look at Trine University.

As always, thanks for watching.

Lou Ann

Here are a few photos for those of you who cannot view the video. I am sorry you cannot hear the ten bells!