Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sun Setting on Ocracoke Island

Last night I was walking around the harbor. It had been cloudy all day, actually it has been cloudy and a bit rainy since I arrived. All of a sudden the sky parted and we were able to watch this splendid sunset.
Ocracoke is one of the few places where you can watch the sun come up over the Atlantic and set over the Sound. Notice the marshy areas and smooth stillness of the water.
During the day there was a funeral on the Island. Frankie O'Neal was just a young man of 43 who loved this Island so much. He did not live here as his profession took him off into the world to seek his fortune, but he always intended to retire here.
The Methodist Church was full of family and folks who loved him. The O'Neal family name is prominent here along with many others. This sunset seemed to be a tribute to this young man who who used to walk the sandy lanes while reading a book.
I am also adding a photo for those of you unable to see the video. As always thank you for enjoying this blog.


Lou Ann Homan said...
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Bob MacKinnon said...

After following your blog for years, I love what you are doing now. The combination of bloging and story-telling has always been charming and gave me a warm sense of pride in the American small-town experience. Now that you are adding vloging to the mix, I am better able to visualize the setting and the people therein. Thanks for allowing me to peek over your shoulders.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting , so refreshing ... I loved your sunset , the light and quitness... And the thoughts for the loss of that dear family , giving away gentle love from heaven ... May it return to you in many ways ! Micky

Unknown said...

Just started following your blog today. We're coming back to Ocracoke for a visit for the first time since Oct 2010. We're bringing our Grandaughter for the first time. She's really excited!! Can't wait!!!

Robb said...

Very nice!

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