Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Stay Tuned...Angola, 1964"

Here are a few photos from the show this past weekend! Ah, one day of rest and ready to hit the stage again! It was a wonderful show, lots of folks attending, and a cast and crew any director would be proud of! If you are on Facebook, the entire album is there!

The last snow of winter??

Winter has come back to northern Indiana after a brief hiatus last week. I actually viewed dirt and old winter grass in my yard, and if I would not have been so busy, I would have actually worked out in the yard.

Ice began coating sidewalks and streets by late Sunday night with several inches of snow. The world is a winter wonderland and absolutely breakthtaking. It is one of those winter snows that you think might be the last one so you need to embrace it!

Here is a photo from my back porch!