Thursday, October 19, 2017

Stay tuned; Frankenfest is coming some day

Stay tuned; Frankenfest is coming some day: Mary Shelley and “Frankenstein” appear to be the only words spoken in my red Jeep as Carolyn and I cruise down the highway. With dark fingernail polish, black dresses, and even black (so the package said) lipstick, we chat non-stop about the day ahead of us!

Carolyn and I are getting ready for Frankenfest! Note the fingernail polish.

 Here is the link to my Frankenfest column. Carolyn and I had the very best time and hope to bring a Frankenfest to our part of the state!

The laboratory is exactly as they left it in 1968.

I was so fortunate to be one of the readers!

 I hope you enjoy this column as much as I enjoyed the event and writing it. As always thank you for reading and wishing you a great Halloween season!

Lou Annn

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Anonymous said...

It amazes me at the popularity of Halloween. There seems to be some disconnect in society today. One day out of the year a "truce" is called. Complete stangers welcome children to the door to reward costumed goblins shouting Trick or Treat. A comedy of incongruities. Any other day of the year a doorbell rung would be approached with apprehension. In the past, my long drive way has been littered with stuffed shirts and pants ; a forboding warning of what is to come. a folding table with another "corspe" under a bed sheet. I even play a cd of New Orleans Bourbon street Louis Armstrong Jazz. Music sets the mood I want the visitors to think they are interrupting a house full of revelers but it is me opening the garage side door conviently placed behind the trick or treat guests to only scare the be-gesus out of them HAHAHAHA! If they think A car load of kids driven street to street in search of free candy will not be met with a scare or two they are wrong. Gee when I was young you walked door to door and sweated under your costume down in S. Florida.