Monday, September 18, 2017

Thank goodness for the Book Fairy...

Thank goodness for the Book Fairy: My bookshelves host an array of books. It is a colorful collection from poetry to history, from childhood books to the one I bought last week. And even though it seems a bit topsy-turvy, I know where to locate each book.
Shhh....the book fairy has been here!
Today is National Hide a Book Day by the Book Fairy. I have been busy this morning putting my books in lovely locations in my community. There is a little fairy dust around each book. What a fun day is this!!
Here is the link to this week's column telling you all about it! It is not too late for YOU to be a book fairy also!
As always, thank you for reading and good luck in finding these books!
Lou Ann


Micky said...

Delightful as always ...I love the idea to hide and seek (for) the book ... I also loved the game "geo-catching" which I have discovered with my children , when we visited Gettysburg together ... To find a place and add a personal note , that someone else will bring about , and so on ... all over the world ! ...and a book !! awesome !!

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