Friday, April 15, 2016

Do Not Write...

This poem is for all my friends who write. It was written
by one of my students and I am sharing it with permission!

Do Not Write, by Stevie Rosales

Doodle in your notes.
Paint a picture.
Build something from legos,
or paper.
Take a picture.
Play outside,
on the playground,
or in the woods.
Whatever you do,
do not write.
Find inspiration somewhere,
or create your own.
The writing will come.
But first,
something must inspire the writing.
Something must create a spark
before writing can commence.
So, do not write.



Robb Foster said...

I love that! Please pass along my appreciation if you get the chance! Have a great week!

Lou Ann Homan said...

One day this young lady stayed after class. I knew she didn't want to talk about her grades, because they were fine. She wanted to tell me she wanted to be a writer like me. I was so honored and happy. She is now double majoring. What wonderful students I have. They delight me every day!