Thursday, April 21, 2016

Biking home in the rain...

There are times I just sit at school in my office alone. Maybe it is because the show is over and the students were so spectacular that it made me cry. Or maybe because the harpist played "Edelweiss" which was my dad's song and there was a hush over the students. Or maybe because you heard them read "O Captain, My Captain" and Sylvia Plath and Longfellow. Or maybe because their shirts were ironed and their dresses were new and you hardly recognized them at all. Or maybe because the thunder roared during the evening and the show went on. Or maybe it is because life is short, and poetry is how we must live our lives. So, I guess I'll shut off the lights and wipe down my bike and ride home in the misty darkness and let my tears mingle with the rain.

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