Saturday, February 20, 2016

Favorite childhood books stir the memories...

Favorite childhood books stir the memories: The classroom fills up with my creative writing students. They carry heavy bags of books, bottles of water and other treasures they cannot leave home without. They also carry their favorite childhood book as per their assignment. Mine is already on my desk along with all the day’s notes and plans.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lou Ann ... pulled my own copy of "Roxaboxen" out of the bookcase to re-read again ... thanks for reminding me of the wonderful book!!
I read to the three classes of Deerfield Elementary School in the Avondale School District here in Michigan. This is the same school all 4 of my grandchildren went to ... I have been reading there for over a period of 15 years !
The first grade teachers are wonderful and so much appreciate the written word. One of my most proudest moments was last year when a graduating Senior of the high school came up to me to tell me he will always remember me reading to his first grade class! (and it wasn't even my grandson!!).
This next month I will be dressing up once again as Dr. Suess and trying oh, so hard to pick my favorite of his books ... always a hard choice!
Thank you Once Again!!
Joyce Lomont-Crowl