Thursday, January 21, 2016

Five little planets all in a row....

Beginning this morning, January 20th, for an entire month five planets are visible during the pre-dawn hours. These planets are Venus, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars.

It has been ten years since the five of these planets have shared the morning sky. So take time, at least one of these mornings, to make early coffee or build an early bonfire and go watch these beautiful event.

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Unknown said...

I really *want* to see this, but the early hours and sheer cold of the outside would make it difficult... we'll have to see. Still a really cool event.

Anonymous said...

I am actually very excited for this!!! I am slightly an insomniac and so this is something to look forward to just before I go to bed in the mornings... Thank you so much for making me aware of his amazing event!!!