Friday, November 13, 2015

Diwali Festival at Trine University!

Last night Jonah I attended the Diwali Festival at Trine University. 
We had so much fun listening to the stories, watching the dances, and
sampling the food. I hope this becomes a yearly event. Special
thanks to Mari McHenry for all her work with the
international students.

Happy Festival!!


Anonymous said...

We live in race horse country and the new sikh
Gudwara/church caused some concern shooting fireworks for Diwali. A neighbor explained that loud pyrotechnics were a problem for the horses and then presented 12 sky lanterns to the leader. The silent and beautiful lanterns are being used each night--- communication is a wonderful tool when used with a gentle hand..
eeh Lexington, ky

Lou Ann Homan said...

I love this gentle idea from a neighbor. Perfect solution. I love the sky lanterns also. I have sent off many into the night skies for festive occasions and other memorial times. Thanks for the nice night! I am glad someone else knows of Diwali. It is a lively and colorful festival. I was glad to be part of it!