Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Walker

Marion's Woods

Perhaps my Christmas Eve is less frantic than most. Perhaps my Christmas holiday is less frantic as well. I think I learned years ago to make the most of the season as opposed to just so many gifts. Whereas, I do enjoy a few gifts, I think most of my time and thoughts relate to the music, the trees, the children, family and friends during Christmas.

This morning I took my traditional Christmas Eve hike. This year, since I stayed in northern Indiana, I hiked in our local woods. It was raining quite a bit, but there was a bit of a let up when I took to the woods. It was a lovely morning of reflection.

I thought of poetry, of course, and the poem, The Child's Christmas in Wales, just continued to go through my head. I love Dylan's poem and have pondered quite often at Christmas. If you don't know of the poem, please look it up. You will love it as well, I think.

To you and your family, I wish you the merriest Christmas. If things are tough, and believe me, I know they can me, find a friend to share the day with...drink some eggnog and say a prayer into the holy darkness. Morning will come.

Merry Christmas


Robb said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours and may the New Year bring you joy and prosperity!

Anonymous said...

We added a reading of A child's Christmas in Wales " to our Holiday gathering this year. Honestly, had never heard the piece. I usually insist that we hear the piece by David Sedaris titled "Jesus Shaves."

Lou Ann Homan said...

I also do love David Sedaris! There is something so magical in the words and language of Dylan though. I love images.