Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Once upon a time there was a lovely old purple house....

This past Autumn was quite fun on my little Homestead. I decided this old house needed an update in the paint department.

A few years ago I had the siding all taken off. I can't tell you what it was exactly, but it was something like a compressed cardboard. I wanted to showcase the original siding. Most of it was still in good shape with only a few repairs. It was then painted a sweet lavender with yellow and pink trim. I did love the colors, although time was not kind to the old house. The paint began to peel, the colors began to fade so something needed to be done.

When I performed in the IndyFringe last August, I noticed a lovely house next door to the Phoenix Theatre. I loved the colors and took photos sending them to my friend, neighbor, artist colleague, and house restorer, Lee. He kept getting these cryptic messages with a partial from porch or a window. I thought he knew exactly what I meant, but he did not.

When I returned home this fall we headed to the paint store to match up the little photos. We had the most trouble with the turquoise having to change it many times. Gutters also had to be purchased and some new windows. 

But now here we are with a lovely bold house in my neighborhood. Did anyone say artistic??

Enjoy the photos. I do love the house.

The House at White Picket Gardens


Vickie P said...

Hey Lou Ann,
Thanks for sharing the photos. The colors remind me of "The Painted Ladies" in San Francisco.

Robb said...

That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Great job, GREAT colors!!!

Lou Ann Homan said...

Thanks for the comments Vickie and Robb. I had a great time with this. As I said, it took several tries with the turquoise. It is difficult to see in the photos, but it is under every window and the front door! After the first week I told Lee to paint over it...I thought it was too gaudy, but alas, neighbors convinced me to wait and see. I am so glad I did, it is bold and classy, and very cheery in the neighborhood!! Stop by anytime!

Ellen Sauer said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Have you done anymore research? a) the house next to the theater-- do you know the time period in which it was built and colors popular at that time?
b) your house- year built and popular colors of the day
c) did you seek out other images of purple houses?
d)the house near the theater, is it zoned commercial?
e) does the landscaping in fall create the intended effect? You should photograph it Winter Spring Summer and fall and then tell us which season it appears the most dramatic.

I need more images to decide, it quite a change

Lou Ann Homan said...

Dear Ellen, thank you! I think my house would fit right in to the West Central Neighborhood! Dear many questions. My house was built in 1899-1903. I did not seek out other purple houses. Believe it or not, there are not that many. No, the house next to the Phoenix is not commercial. It is the theatre district in Indy. I like the fall landscaping very much and, yes, I will take photos all year to see what is the most dramatic. Winter will be stunning. My trees in the summer will do their best to cover up the old house and keep it cool.