Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy haunting: A witch, brooms, herbs...

Finally I am getting around to posting this week's column.

It was great fun to write, and I hope it is great fun to read as well!! Just click on the above link and it will take you right to the story!

The photos are of my back porch and my front stoop. They will make perfect sense after you read the story.

As always, thank you for supporting my work. I appreciate you.

Back porch...notice broom.

Front stoop,..notice broom.

Happy Hauntings!


Anonymous said...

That was such a cute story :-)

Lou Ann Homan said...

Thank you whoever you are!! I really had fun with this one!

Vickie P. said...

Fun story and great color combinations for your house. Please consider posting pictures with more views of the house.

Lou Ann Homan said...

Vickie, I always appreciate your comments!! I had such fun with that story! I did take several photos of the house yesterday in the Autumn sun and will post soon!! Thanks for noticing. The painting was done this fall by my friend, Lee. I painted on the fence when time allowed!!

Gail said...

I always enjoy your stories but the broom story was perfect for Halloween!