Monday, September 08, 2014

Sage Advice

My garden sage.

~"Why should a man die whilst sage grows in his garden?"
   ~"He that would live for aye, Must eat sage in May"
                                                        (English Proverbs)

Working in my garden this past weekend has been such a delight. With the cool September air swirling in, I was able to wear my old sweatshirt and pull the wheelbarrow out of the shed. I mowed and trimmed and weeded and by day's end I built a fire under the almost full moon. It was a lovely way to spend a quiet Sunday. 

My garden sage is perfect this year. Growing garden sage is easy. You must give it a try next spring. Hopefully with a little mulching, this plant will survive our harsh winter and surprise me in the spring. I hope your weekend was full of gardening as well. 

Sage is said to bring tranquility and peace to your home...not a bad thing for a small plant!

Until tomorrow.

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