Wednesday, July 02, 2014

A lovely afternoon before the storm...

An afternoon view from the dock.

I was out on my bike this afternoon just looking for photos and talking to folks. I loved this sailboat speeding away from the ferry. What is unusual about this photo is that the ferry is coming to take folks away from Ocracoke as opposed to bringing them here!

The sky was blue, the water was sparkling, and there still were lots of tourists taking in the sights and the shops before heading out.

We are currently under a voluntary evacuation notice so it is up to each family to decide what to do. As for me? I will be here throughout the storm with photos and updates.

Don't go away!

Lou Ann


Vickie P said...

Where do people move thir vehicles to "high ground" on Ocracoke?

Julie S. said...

I understand there is a generator for the island in the case of power outage. It must be huge but I don't recall seeing a building to house it. Is there one? Thinking hopeful thoughts that all on OI will come through next two days safely!!

Lou Ann Homan said...

The higher ground is about 5-7 feet above sea level which is kind of funny when you think about it. The ferry dock is packed with cars as well as highway 12 in the village. We have a sand lot that is used by locals.

Julie, the problem with the generator is that it has limited supply. With tourists on the island it must be split in many ways leaving all of us with just a little energy to do the clean up. I really don't know where it is located and Philip is up on the roof somewhere so I can't ask him!