Saturday, May 17, 2014

This visiting family business is a good hobby...

This visiting family business is a good hobby - KPCNews: Kpcnews

Here is the link to my Saturday morning column. As you can see I am in Phoenix visiting Abe and his family. The following photos accompany the column.

Enjoy as always and thank you for reading!

Until tomorrow.

Abe's garden does not just feed caterpillars!

This is the caterpillar with Abe's business name, Papili-Machaen-Bairdi.

Just another morning in the kitchen!

The morning brings tedious work for the lepidopterist..

Kristin walked in on the morning scene, "Holy Moly!"


Anonymous said...

Great as always , well more in fact !
I loved to read about details / names / plants/ transformation ... great pics too , curious about your sons' journeys abroad ... you being in a very different setting , the famous book " of the little train that could" I also love it and had it ( from a friend who lived in America) for my children ...wonderful family life Lou Ann...I love that too!

Lou Ann Homan said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I love to travel and be transformed, as you say. I love that my sons all have adventurous spirits as well! It seems as if I need to tie in literature and poetry to all that I do. This comment must be from my friend, Mierille?