Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you women out there reading my blog. The day is a bit bittersweet for most of us. There comes a time in our life when we realize those little ones will grow up and leave the nest as it should be.

I have three boys including twins, Adam and Aaron. Abe was born just two years later. During the early years I couldn't see past the work. I loved every minute of it and was not aware of the passing of time.

One day when they were in elementary school, I was home alone. I remember hearing the clock tick. It was the first time in years I heard the clock tick. I also remember crying my eyes out realizing that someday that is all I would hear in my house.

It did happen. I am so happy for my children; they are grown up, responsible young men and really nice kids.

Today I get to have breakfast with Aaron in my hometown and dinner with Abe and his family in Phoenix. That just leaves Adam, my oldest son in St. Pete, out of the equations. I miss them all every day.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms. Enjoy each moment.

Until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Is not Mother's Day for children to be reminded of their youth when their Mother helped to nurture the adult they have grown into? Should we not be reminded of the teachers that through the elementary years that spearheaded the projects and cards the children offered. If it is or not planned parenthood most women are nurturing as they learn on the job, weaving a safety net with other young mothers, I say every day is Mother's Day. When will young people and adult children realize this, a tribe has been formed and there are certain obligations for a member of the tribe; if one needs assistance in the best way to accomplish the obligation to benefit the tribe then seek answers. Happy Mother's day

Lou Ann Homan said...

Yes, every day should be Mother's Day, and I think for many people it is. I think of my children every day which makes me think it is my own mother's mom too. Actually if we love life every day, all is well.