Thursday, April 10, 2014

Take Back the Night

Last night was the nation wide "Take Back The Night". In our town this event is celebrated at Trine University.

The event is to bring awareness to sexual assault to men and women. The boys' football team came to the event wearing high heels to represent walking in the footsteps of the young women.

It was a beautiful spring night and the campus was full of students and community members participating and pledging in this event.

We walked to the mound, circled around and came back to the campus. The streets were closed for that short amount of time to allow for the students to march and chant.

I think the event left us feeling stronger and safer in my small town.

How was the event in your town?

Until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Most high heels are designed by men. I think the football players could have worn kilts. or bikinis, or prom dresses. The thought of risking the twisting of an ankle on that walk is unnecessary. It is good though that sports figures were involved, the headlines usually involve the transgressions of athletes i.e. Oscar Pretorious.......

Anonymous said...

Lord have Mercy. Upon researching high heels on the internet, a wikipedia entry with images tells readers Men were the first to wear shoes with heels. Mongolians- foot won't slip thru the stirrup, French aristocrats, only the rich could wear such , butcher to avoid stepping in the offal, then women started to wear heels, smoke pipes etc to masculinize there status wow and I was worried about a twisted ankle. I had no idea, I wonder if the football players new about the history of being a heel.