Friday, April 04, 2014

Pen Pals

Every once in a while I get a package from France in the mail. The package is from my pen pal, Micky Mireille, who lives in a small village in France.

Our acquaintance began on Facebook and we have never met in person. Even though I have never sent a package to her, I love I continue to receive small bits in the mail from Micky.

Her writing is flowery and curvy much like a French garden must be. Micky shares family details, weather, along with her mastery of cooking and gardening.

This last month she enclosed a copy of a watercolor of the village where she grew up, Aubenas in Ardeche. I love her stories of primary school where her mother was the only teacher and then moving on to secondary school.

Micky's words are like music and her invitation to visit is intriguing and is being considered.

I love having pen pals at any age. I think maybe they are wasted on our fourth graders. So, Micky, watch the mail because one of these days you will receive a small bit of mail from Indiana.

Until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I love getting a personal real letter. I'm afraid someday the only definition of a pen pal may be the person you befriended in the penitentiary.

Anonymous said...

Lou Ann ! Thank you so much, you are honoring me so ... It is very sweet of you... Speaking of my hand writing as a poet ! ( I did gardening all day today and yesterday! )

I have just read your story about me! am so glad and proud to see " my stuff" through your eyes is like having a special sight when looking at the mirror ... Does that make sense ?
Merci ma chére correspondante !

Lou Ann Homan said...

Micky, you do have lovely hand writing. One day I will send you a lovely package as well. Thank you for cheering me on and always loving my work. As for anonymous...I love sending out notes and letters. Let's hope it lasts a good long time.